ReSES – Rethinking the serviceability of economics to society organises events and seminars on economics and its role in the society. We bring together researchers and practitioners, who share an interest in understanding economics and its influence. Our target is to create constructive discussion on how economics affects the world around us in beneficial and harmful ways. The project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, and runs between 2023–2024.

  • 14.12. Uskali Mäki: Homo Economicus │ ReSES AD Lecture

    In our last Argumenta Distinguished Lecture, Uskali Mäki will give a talk on the celebrated and challenged social science persona, Homo Economicus. What is it reasonable to assume about human behaviour and motivation in economics and the rest of social science? What is it reasonable to assume about these things when designing institutions and doing…

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  • 29/11: Why Goldin Won: The Nobel Prize-Winning Research of Claudia Goldin

    This year’s Nobel Laureate in the Economic Sciences, Claudia Goldin, provided the first comprehensive account of women’s earnings and labour market participation through the centuries. In this seminar, we will discuss Goldin’s ideas and their contributions on economics.

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